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Hadley Trusted Solutions is here to help protect you and your family! We specialize in Life Insurance solutions such as Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life and Final Expense to meet your specific needs and budget. As an independent agency, we represent many “A rated” Life Insurance companies which enables us to shop for the best one for you! We are consultants who help you determine your needs and find which solutions are available to you. One size does not fit all! Most insurance requires some underwriting and maybe a Paramed exam before a policy is approved. There are some exceptions to this for smaller amounts of death benefit. The cost of life insurance depends upon age, health, amount of benefit and type of insurance. Most people over-estimate the cost of life insurance!

How much Life Insurance do I need?

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  • Did you know that Life Insurance can be used for many financial purposes? Hadley Trusted Solutions can help you find a plan that best fits your needs and budget.
  • The most common purpose for buying life insurance is Income Replacement. When a breadwinner passes away, the family faces a significant decrease in income. Life insurance can step in to fill the financial gap for an extended period of time, providing your family with the needed funds to continue their lifestyle. As a recent widow myself, I can attest that life insurance is a necessity!
  • Medical and burial costs can be an overwhelming burden to survivors. The needed funds can be easily accessed from a Final Expense policy designed for this purpose. This will be a great relief to the ones left behind.
  • You may want to leave a “Legacy” or gift behind when you pass. This is accomplished with life insurance. A legacy benefit can be left to family, friends, charities, or to an organization.
  • Maybe you are concerned about leaving your family with debt. A mortgage, credit cards or other loans, can be paid off with the proceeds from a life insurance policy. Sometimes banks require a life policy as collateral for a large loan.
  • Permanent life policies may be designed to accumulate cash over the years. They can provide a source of funds for college, down payments for homes, or for income in retirement years.

There are also “Living Benefits” to many life insurance policies written today. Accelerated Benefit Riders provide access to a portion of the “death benefit” in the event of a Terminal Illness, a Chronic Illness or a Critical Illness. This is truly life insurance you don’t have to die to use! What a blessing it can be to receive a lump sum of money when you need it most for a traumatic change in your life like having a heart attack or cancer, or going into an assisted living facility. Contact Linda to learn more about these Living Benefits!

Hadley Trusted Solutions considers helping people gain financial peace of mind is not only a business mission but also their personal ministry. There are insurance solutions for most financial problems that a family may experience. Having the right solution in place can give your family the peace of knowing their financial future is secured.